zazen Water Ambassador Program

Teaching Australian primary school children about "The Secret of Water"

Our Program


The zazen Water School Program recognises that both mind and body in balance are integral to the performance of the child.

Many studies show that children today are not drinking enough good quality water. Without proper hydration the brain cannot function properly, focus, concentrate or remember.

Health professionals agree that dehydration can lead to illness and disease.

Being properly hydrated boosts a child’s immune system
& helps release toxins.

Recent canteen and healthy foods programs and current class lessons do not educate children on the importance of sufficient Quality Water for Hydration, nor on the essential health properties of water for energy and longevity.

Taking soft drinks out of the school canteen is a temporary solution only. We believe the permanent solution is for children to recognise when and how hydration impacts their own achievement, ability to concentrate & focus, mood and wellbeing.

We believe that by making available advanced wellness technologies such as zazen Alkaline Water, as well as educating children in the classroom on the personal benefits of proper hydration, we can enhance the health and wellbeing of our children, therefore improving their overall performance.

In the classroom, the zazen Water School Program addresses the fundamental need for children to be properly hydrated with the right quality water throughout the day.

Download our Water Ambassador School Program brochure

The program is targeted at ages 6 to 11 in classrooms with free zazen Alkaline Water systems. The zazen system emulates nature’s water cycle and is used to educate the children on the drinking water cycle.

There are 4 fun, interactive lessons called “I Know the Secret of Water” that the school or Water Angel can teach the children.

The objectives of the lessons are to:

  1. Teach children about water as a key nutrient for good health and wellbeing.
  2. Use fun experiments to show not all water is the same & how this impacts them.
  3. Create and reinforce the habit of drinking water regularly during the day.
  4. Understand they can make a difference as Water Ambassadors, since the water they drink is the same as the dinosaurs drank.
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