zazen Water Ambassador Program

Teaching Australian primary school children about "The Secret of Water"

Our Lessons



The Water Ambassador School Program is targeted at ages 6 to 11 in classrooms with free zazen Alkaline Water systems.  The zazen system emulates Mother Nature’s water cycle and is used to educate the children on the drinking water cycle and the positive impact that water can have on the way they feel, behave and perform.

The base lessons created and available for download have been written to deliver directly to grades 3 – 5.

We advise teachers and lesson educators to modify and simplify the messages as needed for older and younger children e.g.:

  • With younger children in prep and grades 1 & 2 we advise the use of our Story Book, explaining to the children the fun-damentals of lesson 1.
  • With older children depending on the water cycle lessons already taught, the content of the lessons can be used to reinforce and support the current water education curriculum and extend some of the concepts*.

*There are a number of optional lessons and activities available – and can be used at the discretion of the teacher and school.

Lesson Objectives

The objectives of the lessons are to:

  1. Teach children about water as a key nutrient for good health and wellbeing.
  2. Use fun experiments to show not all water is the same & how this impacts them.
  3. Create and reinforce the habit of drinking water regularly during the day.
  4. Understand they can make a difference as Water Ambassadors, since the water they drink is the same as the dinosaurs drank.

Lesson 1 ~ The Secret of Water

In this lesson we cover the following:

  • Dinosaurs and your drinking water
  • The Human Body & the Water Cycle
  • Introduce zazen Alkaline Water and explain how it is just like mother nature intended water to be
  • Daily water habits & etiquette
  • Water Habits – how much should you drink each day etc
  • Read The Story of Snowflake story
  • Begin our Sprout Experiment – A Controlled experiment that runs over the 4 weeks of lessons

OPTIONAL Lesson 2 ~ What is Hydration

In this lesson we cover the following:

  • Review what did we cover last week – fun questions & answers
  • Review what is happening with the Sprout Experiment
  • Introduce the Healing Foods Pyramid
  • “My Body knows best” Energy Tests
  • What happens if I don’t drink enough good water?
  • New Words Dehydrated & Hydrated = Raisins and Grapes
  • How you feel and what you say – You can make a difference in the world
  • Read the “The Message of Water” story written by Dr Emoto (leading Japanese Water Scientist)

OPTIONAL Lesson 3 ~  Water Has Energy

In this lesson we cover the following:

  • Review what did we cover last week – fun questions & answers
  • Review The Water Story – fun questions & answers
  • What I say to myself and to others makes a difference in how I feel and how they feel.
  • Words that make me happy
  • Make Gratitude Coasters for their water bottles to sit on in class

OPTIONAL Lesson 4 ~ Graduation of Water Ambassadors

In this lesson we cover the following:

  • Review what we have learned so far – What are the 3 secrets?
  • Review the Not all Water is The Same Sprout experiment
  • Graduation – So you now know the secret of water, you can Graduate as Water Ambassadors
  • Present Water Ambassador Graduation certificates and take photos!
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