zazen Water Ambassador Program

Teaching Australian primary school children about "The Secret of Water"

About Us


The zazen Water School Program is run by the team at zazen Water. So who is zazen Water you may ask?

Vanessa Drummond (Marketing Director) and Janet Parker (CEO), zazen Water

zazen Water Co-Founders Vanessa Drummond (left) and Janet Parker (right)

We are professional women with backgrounds in marketing, commerce and natural health who over the past several years became aware of the trends in the health and wellbeing of our children.

It is distinctly possible that our children may live shorter lives than us. It’s a frightening prospect. 

(The New England Journal of Medicine 2005)

Through our extensive research and personal experience, we felt a deep responsibility to act.

We asked ourselves, what ONE THING can we do to have the GREATEST IMPACT?


We have seen and experienced the difference  in people’s general health & wellbeing from drinking an alkaline, mineralised water.

No amount of good food, juice and milk will compensate for a lack of water in children’s bodies.  Proper hydration with sufficient quality and quantity water is paramount to the health, vitality and longevity of our children.

Being properly hydrated boosts a child’s immune system and helps release toxins!

OUR MISSION: To give every child free access to the highest quality drinking water all day every day in school (at no cost to the school) – we believe it’s their right & critical for good health!

WHY US?  We found that no one else was focused on the importance of child hydration and the essential health properties of water.   All existing government health initiatives are focused on healthy foods education.

zazen was thus created as a social business enterprise where we measure our success on:

  1. the number of children educated on the Secret of Water
  2. the number of free zazen Alkaline Water systems in classrooms

The zazen Water School Program has been created to achieve this mission.

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