zazen Water Ambassador Program

Teaching Australian primary school children about "The Secret of Water"




Welcome to the zazen Water Ambassador School Program web site. The lessons and resources in this site have been created by zazen Water to educate and support the free installations of zazen Alkaline Water systems into primary school classrooms across Australia.  This is the core purpose of the zazen Water School Program and zazen Water as a Social Business Enterprise.

Our Mission

To create a Wellness Generation of children, by giving every primary school child access to high quality water all day every day in the classroom.  We believe it is their right and critical to their future health and longevity.

Many studies show that children today are not drinking enough good quality alkaline water.  Without proper hydration the brain cannot function properly, focus, concentrate or remember.  Health professionals agree that dehydration can lead to illness and disease.

How does the zazen Water School Program and the Water Ambassador Lessons work?

The purpose of the Program is to give primary school children access to great tasting high quality alkaline water all day, everyday in the classroom – instilling healthy water habits.  The zazen Alkaline Water system is used to:

  1. Give children access in the classroom (free) to a great tasting hydrating water all day everyday.  We find children love the taste and drink more often with the systems in classrooms.
  2. Educate children on the water cycle (a practical and fun hands on lesson) as the zazen system emulates Mother Nature’s natural water cycle to produce a clean great tasting mineral rich alkaline drinking water.
  3. Educate children on the benefits of water and help answer the Big Question – “What impact does water have in my life?’  This gives children an insight into the impact water can have on the way they feel, perform and behave.

Studies show that properly hydrated children behave and perform better in the classroom.

A Social Business Enterprise – no cost to schools or parents

Please note there is NO cost to schools and parents upfront or ongoing when zazen Water install a zazen Alkaline Water system into a classroom.  All resources on this site are also free and available for download.  All replacement filters and parts to the systems in the classrooms are supplied by zazen Water free every year.